Someone has to dig into the data and pry out all those next-step nuggets. Data scientist salaries are nothing to sneeze at, and the insights you bring to the table can give you some serious job security. 5G and the Internet of Things (an awesome band name you’re free to use, by the way) mean more data flying back and forth from more sources. The stats around data growth we always see bandied about are mind-boggling, but it’s clear jobs wrangling data and making sense of it will be a hot gig for the foreseeable future. These jobs pay well and pay off even more after a few years of experience.

If you’re new to cloud technologies and to Azure, you should being your learning journey with the Azure Fundamentals Certification. This certification will teach you the basics of cloud services and how these services are provided with Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure is a cloud-computing service provider and platform offered by the Microsoft company. These are the portals that ensure the complete deployment and management of applications in a cloud computing platform. The AZ-203 course teaches how everything you need to know about designing, building, and developing solutions for enterprises on Azure cloud services. This certification course requires one year of experience as an Azure cloud solutions developer.

Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Training: AZ-104

Whether you are already in a cloud computing position or looking to enter the field, you can often advance your career with Azure certification. Azure certifications are some of the most sought-after certifications in IT right now, and they can help you land a better job or move into a higher position within your company. Once you clear this certification, you will learn how to design and implement solutions for an application running on Microsoft Azure. The learning path’s modules move from beginner to advanced levels slowly.

Therefore, you should definitely pursue advanced certifications after this if you really want to advance in the industry. The best advice comes from people who have actually passed the Azure Fundamentals certification exam. Keep in mind that this certification alone may not make you eligible for these jobs.

Pass the certification exam.

These are important skills for someone pursuing a career as a security-focused Microsoft Azure Administrator. You have the proven prowess in compute, network, storage, and security needed to masterfully design solutions that run on Azure. That means you can expect to be in hot demand now and well into the future. You have the security skills to keep data in the cloud locked down and ensure cloud and hybrid environments are secure. You also have the know-how needed to school users — those lovably unavoidable soft spots in cybersecurity — on security best practices.

Bootcamps are designed so that you acquire the needed skills fast by combining both hands-on training and classroom training into one solution. The table below shows the average annual salary of Azure certifications in the United States. The average salary for Azure Architects in the United States is between $150,000 – $180,000 per year, making this certification one of the highest paying Microsoft certifications. For example, the Microsoft fundamentals certificate does not expire.

Which Azure certification is in demand?

Specifically, the Azure Fundamentals certification will give you an opportunity to learn the following concepts. Azure Fundamentals belongs to the first category, as it teaches and validates core concepts and skills related to the Azure Cloud platform and overall Cloud industry. Cloud computing calls for more data-oriented programming languages azure cloud engineer like Python, Java, and Clojure as opposed to general-purpose ones like C and C++. You can use blogs, videos, online and offline classes, and other free resources to learn these things. Reducing the number of consumer devices required to administer the network has sparked a trend of moving more network administration tasks to the cloud.

You can use machine learning, cognitive services, and knowledge mining to design and implement Microsoft AI solutions. An Azure cloud engineer is a member of the engineering team that helps design, deploy, operate, and manage the Azure cloud platform. This role is responsible for working with the business, technology, and operations teams to provide the best possible experience for Azure customers. A bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems, technology, or a closely related discipline is often the first step in the career of a cloud engineer. The bachelor’s program you choose should emphasize computing, software and systems infrastructure, and other technical topics. However, some firms may not require a bachelor’s degree to get the job, as long as you have the required skills to deliver.

This expertise for Azure cloud engineers might seem out of place on this list. But this approach to development has unquestionably become noticeable. Communication is one of the most crucial skills you need in cloud engineering.

  • I’m happy to say that their instructors are knowledgeable and clear, and their course catalogues are extensive and offer relevant career path courses.
  • Get started with ACG today to transform your career with courses and real hands-on labs in AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and beyond.
  • One strategy to improve your adaptability is to be comfortable moving outside your comfort zone.
  • In addition, there are updated details on how to give and what you can attain by getting certified with this particular topic.
  • Cloud computing is one of the fastest-growing technologies, and more companies are looking for certified Azure administrators, solution architects, developers, and security engineers.

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